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Moeng? Cosplish!

三月 12, 2008



the following report is from REUTERS

For a GR8 (Y注: gr-eight for "great"! ) opportunity to brush up your Moeng, visit Japan’s first Cosplish course.

A Japanese entrepreneur has set up a language school targeting fans of "cos-play", or "costume-play", which involves dressing up as a favorite character from "manga" comic books or animation movie characters.

Teachers at the school wear fantasy costumes and give lessons in "Cosplish" — a mix of English and "cos-play" slang.

This month, Cosplish’s schedule includes a "Broken English" course and an "Otaku Eiken" ("Geeks’ English") (Y注:In fact, "Otaku Eiken" or "オタク英検" stands for "Geeks’ English test", )class, centered on the comic books loved by geeks(Y注:i hate the word "geek"…), who are known in Japan as "Otaku".

There is also "Moeng"(Y注:「モエング」で) — a combination of "moe", which is geeky Japanese slang for "cute"(Y注:well, whatever…), and "English".

"Otaku culture is taking over the world. Everybody reads manga now. So I thought Otaku people in Japan might be interested in Otaku culture outside Japan," Yohei Suzuki, who founded the school with his brother Tomohiro, told Reuters.

Japan’s geek market, which covers comics as well as "anime" animation movies, computer games and role-play cafes, has been estimated at some $1.7 billion in 2007. Since Otaku are generally enthusiastic spenders, a multitude of businesses has sprung up to feed the growing market.

Suzuki said Japanese geeks, known for being shy and socially awkward, might hesitate to sign up for a normal English course where they would have to talk to glamorous young women.(Y注:Oh)

Cosplish teacher Mimmi Schwalbe, costumed as . Sayla Mass from the "Gundam" anime, gives a lesson during a Feb. 24 free trial at the school in Tokyo’s Akihabara district.



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